Faux Picasso
Gouache and Ink
10 x 8 inches

A Cardinal for Ellen
Line and Watercolor Wash
7 x 5 inches


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MaryAnne Long

I found art later in life.  Or maybe art found me???  Regardless, it has become a wonderful way to spend my time in retirement.

I started with oil painting, but have switched to watercolor (including gouache), pencil, metalpoint, and now chocolate. My watercolors are mostly flowers, birds, or familiar sites. I am trying to do more loose watercolor, but giving up control is not easy to do.

Sketching with graphite pencil is something I try to do daily. I always carry a sketch kit with me.

I have become fascinated with the centuries-old use of silverpoint (metalpoint) as a drawing tool, adapting the technique by using old copper pennies with which to draw. 

New for me is abstract art.  I find that using India inks over white acrylic paint gives me freedom to create exciting new pieces.

My “chocolate” paint is made from organic cacao powder, gum Arabic, and water.  Adding food coloring makes the chocolate paintings more dynamic.