Just Hanging Around
Soft Pastel
9 in x 6 in

Ironwood by the Sea
Soft Pastel
9 in x 12 in


Ms. Tinius came to pastel in a round-about way after her ikebana teacher required her to draw her floral creations. Embarrassed by her stick figure sketches, she signed up for a course and discovered that, with proper instruction, anyone can learn to draw! Encouraged, Ms. Tinius began dabbling, trying a variety of media to include pastel, water color, sumi-e ink brush painting and more.

Since retiring, Ms. Tinius has been drawn more into the various arts. She teaches ikebana and exhibits them and more, while continuing to experiment with Asian arts such as torn washi paper pictures (washi chigiri-e) and enameling (shippoyaki).

In all of her artistic pursuits, Ms. Tinius strives to capture some of the beauty that surrounds us, making us pause to appreciate some overlooked aspect or see things in a new way.

Contact: , (808) 263-8645

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