Reading in the Shade
Oil on Board
16 x 16 inches

The hot green grass contrasted with the cool shade. I wanted to share the intense sensation of beauty in the commonplace. 

Morning Files
Oil on Board
14 x 14

I wanted to share the visual excitement to be found in mundane objects.  The beauty in the ordinary. 

Madalyn Purcell

Madalyn Purcell has loved art all of her life.  She studied photography and cinematography as an undergraduate at Stanford and later at NYU to obtain her MFA.  Afterward, she pursued a short career in film editing in New York, followed by employment in the motion picture industry in California.  She retired from that career to move to Hawaii to raise her family.  After her children entered school, Madalyn obtained her law degree from University of Hawaii.  She practiced law in Honolulu for a number of years.   During the past few years she has nurtured her interest in art.  She has taken courses at the Honolulu Museum of Art School, and she continues to adore taking workshops in painting.