Hidden Jizo
Transparent Watercolor
14 X 11 inches

‘Jizo’ figures are usually found along the road with red bibs tied around their necks. Japanese see them as guardians of children on their way home. I’ve always felt a warm protective spirit whenever I spotted a Jizo along a path or road, but this one was found deep in the forest of Shodoshima along their 88 pilgrims’ walk, hidden beneath a water cascade.

Wistful Windward  
Transparent Watercolor
7 x 10 inches

The Ko’olau are distinctly a part of life on the Windward side. Having grown up here, the presence of the mountains is always with me. I never tire of gazing up at them or depicting them in watercolor, each one is a new page in a lifelong diary of our relationship–some days bright, some overcast, some wet, some dry.


Dawn Yoshimura paints landscapes that are peaceful with a story behind each locale. She draws the viewer into a supernatural world where Nature is a book of revelation referencing her Japanese heritage and spiritual practice. Harmony and profound peace can be felt viewing her work. Dawn studied with Rudolph Schaeffer’s School of Design for one year before completing her BFA in Interdisciplinary Arts at the California College of Arts where she developed her lean philosophy and artistic practice of producing what is needed when it is needed and to reduce one’s footprint in consuming resources.  www.dawnyoshimurastudio.com